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Welcome to Smart Change! - We support companies at the right time!

Dear entrepreneurs!

We understand your situation today. We do business ourselves, which is why we also have our personal experience with today's crisis. We thought about what could be done to support all companies so that we could all function even in this difficult time. And now we come up with our support program, which thinks for both customers and companies.

What is most needed in the market today? 

Do you agree that customers will increasingly look for promotions and discounts? But frequent or long-term discounts are not the way to success, do you agree?

We have a solution! 

We have created an effective Smart Change program that allows companies to recoup the cost of their discounts and generate an extra reserve. That's why you can now offer customers permanent discounts on our sister program All at a Discount. In addition, you get another financial reserve.

What rewards will you get? 


You have to pay everywhere to publish an offer or discount. You have the cost of a discount + the cost of a commission. It's different with us! You will give your customers a 15% discount. You pay us a 25% commission as elsewhere. But we will return it to you. Thanks to our effective Smart Change program, we can generate your rebate and commission costs back. In addition, you get a reserve for crisis days.

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